Integrated English/Music unit K-2

In this unit for Kindergarten students, but also suitable for Year 1-2 students, we peruse several fairy tales, across a range of genres including multimodal texts, aural storytelling, musical scores, drama, and musical poetry. The common, magical thread is that the stories in the unit “Make a wish” comprise characters who, after some, oftentimes many challenges, have undergone positive life changes, resulting in important life lessons being learned.

It is expected this unit is best suited for implementation Term 3 or 4 in the Kindergarten year, when students have some alphabetic knowledge and they would benefit from consolidation.  Additionally, it is envisaged the integrated English/ music unit would be implemented alongside existing synthetics phonics programs in the school.

Link to unit and resources: Unit 1 Chapt 4 Make a Wish unit and resources